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IGNITE – the Big Energy Idea 2017

Back again in 2017, Ignite are again looking forward to advance investment readiness and idea development for the brightest in the social enterprise energy sector.

Advancing social impact in the energy sector – with the support of Centrica.

If you are over 16 years of age, resident in the UK and looking to develop your energy business potential…then you should apply to the Ignite Social Enterprise challenge. With investment available from betwwen £50k and £2m, then put your energy, enthusiasm and nascent business in the best place to ‘give it wings’.

You need to contact ignite (at ) centrica.com to discuss your idea and to obtain an application form. The deadline for the simple first round is 31st January, 2017.

You can see fuller details and the complete eligibility criteria here – http://ignitesocialenterprise.com/challenge/

 Icon for Adobe PDF   Download a pdf of Frequently Asked Questions here.

You’ll get support and a brilliant networking opportunity in the energy sector if you are successful. Don’t let the light go out on your idea…IGNITE IT

From the archive:

We last featured Ignite on the pages of Mining the SEEM in 2015. Check out that year’s process and previous winners for even more background.

The Ignite Roadshow
funding for your energy idea?

Grow your energy idea…

If you are a UK based social enterprise, and bursting with good ideas, then this year’s Ignite Challenge could be just for you.

Do you have ideas that can be deployed, to enable the imaginative and efficient use of energy resources, which will contingently change people’s lives…then the Ignite Challenge 2015 is a ‘must look at’ for you?

‘We are looking for the brightest business ideas that use energy to make a difference in people’s lives’.

You can secure, if successful, between 50,000 Pounds to 2 million Pounds in order to make your idea a reality. The finalists will be asked to pitch their idea to a panel of energy industry and social enterprise experts during June 2015.

We wrote about last year’s Big Idea at Ignite. See how last year’s winners achieved sucess here. It may help you formulate this year’s winning entry.

You can find out more about the the 2015 Ignite Challenge here.

Download the application form and begin your energy journey here.

Ethical business with a social dimension...
Ethical business with a social dimension…

Big energy Idea – see the winners…

We recently featured the Ignite Social Enterprise initiative, the Big Energy Idea, which will put over £10 million pounds into the ‘social energy’ sector in the next ten years.

See our original article here.

Below is a short film of the recent Ignite ceremony, where ten passionate and technically informed social businesses won funding and support as the first tranche of winners in the Big Energy Idea.

At the inaugural event held at Centrica’s head offices on 29 and 30 April 2014, the successful Big Energy Ideas were selected. The 10 entrepreneurs will now work with an expert team from the energy sector to raise investment in their ventures in order to grow their companies and scale the social impact of their work.

You can discover more about the winners, and their enterprising ‘social energy’ ideas below…

Brackenburn Ltd is an ethical business established to produce biomass fuels derived from local sustainable resources, primarily bracken,
and to market to domestic customers and public sector, agricultural and commercial users within the region. internetIconMini  Read more here…

Energy Box: Based in Soho, Energy Box will deliver a £100 per year cost of energy reduction per household in fuel poverty while employing people from the same communities to manage and maintain the system.

Co-Wheels: Based in North East, UK wide, Co-Wheels is the first registered social enterprise that focuses on making personal mobility accessible for lower income communities while reducing car use.  internetIconMini Read more here…

Energise London: In four of London’s 33 boroughs, Energise London operate free energy savings advice helplines and train employees to recognise and address fuel poverty. internetIconMini Read more here…

Energy Solutions Malvern: Based in West Midlands, Energy Solutions Malvern provide renewable energy installations to customers who enjoy return on investments and environmental benefits from a reduction in their carbon footprint.   internetIconMini Read more here…

Gower Power: Based in Wales, Gower Power will build solar farms, providing green electricity for households and a local school. Using the
Feed In Tariff income they will grow affordable, local produced food on the farm owned as part of the Co-op structure.  internetIconMini Read more here…

GrowUp Urban Farms: Based in London, GrowUp Urban Farms will create urban farms that use sustainable technology to grow food for local communities that lack open spaces in a way that is energy efficient.  internetIconMini Read more here…

Health Squared: Based in North Yorkshire, Health Squared sell wood briquettes as a commercial venture for public good. Working with local health partners, their public
good is providing renewable energy to all customers and free briquettes to targeted older peopel to keep them warm.  internetIconMini Read more here…

Rekindling: Based in London, Rekindling will support the rehabilitation of offenders by making what would otherwise have been waste wood into bags of firewood and kindling which will be sold commercially.

Sust-It: Based in the South West, Sust-It is a customer focused energy use comparison and
advice website that assists low income individuals and improve energy literacy.  internetIconMini Read more here…

It is great to see the vibrancy and enterprise in this newly emergent sector. The project winners are innovative organisations with a social mission, whose work provides change and efficiency both up and down the supply chain.

We wish them well and look forward to the next cohort of Big Energy Idea winners.

Winner narratives for this article courtesy of Ignite

Ethical business with a social dimension...
Ethical business with a social dimension…

The Big Energy Idea

A new fund on the block for 2014, supported by Centrica through their Ignite Social Enterprise, the money available is to support entrepreneurs in the energy sector.

Do you have a sustainable energy idea, the delivery of which can change and sustain communities? Whether you just have an idea, or are already seeking capital investment for your product or service, the Ignite fund is worth a look.

Centrica are providing funding of £10 million over the next ten years. The fund is seeking to make investments of between £50,000 and £2 million.

Your project must have clearly identifiable social aims, with clear outputs and goals and be energy sector facing. Your engagement with the Ignite fund may be as equity or as debt.

Ignite…driving innovation at every point of the energy chain – from sourcing and generation through to supply, service and saving energy. And by investing in social enterprises we’re making a positive impact on employment, income, housing and local communities.

To find out more about the fund you can visit the How to Apply section of their website here,  All the eligibility criteria for the fund are available and you can apply on-line from the fund web site.

If successful in a bid, the top three applicants will also be able to join the Wayra Academy in London, for ongoing support and project development, You can read the Wayra press release from the fund launch here.

Applications for this round of the Big Energy Idea close at the end of February 2014.

Ethical business with a social dimension...
Ethical business with a social dimension…