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Tell your story everywhere!

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Getting to grips with your news…

In desperate economic times it is is important spread your success story as widely as you can. Impact is about perception as much as it is about delivery.

Getting your narrative and pictures together is one thing. Where and to whom should you send it? Below are details of useful tool kits and advice packs that can help you, whether you are a community group just starting down the road to social enterprise, or a fully fledged small business beginning to highlight the important ‘social’ message in your work.

Locality offer a great Press Kit. It explains in simple and accessible language, what makes a good story, How to ‘pitch’ your news to create wide interest. Importantly the information also shows you how to let the press know – what are the mechanics of sending a captivating email, for example.

The tool kit offers guidance about how to put together a formal press release, and lets you access a template to help you get it right. Not everyone is good at talking to reporters, or in making off the cuff comments that best reflect your project. Choose the right spokesperson and plan ahead.

See the Locality Media kit here. Icon for Adobe PDF

And don’t forget social media. You’re reading this article in the SEEM on-line journal, but someone had to create it and populate the pages too. Locality also offer you a short social media tool kit to compliment the more traditional press release.

See the Social Media toolkit from Locality here. Icon for Adobe PDF


The Guardian have a nice article on the ten most glaring mistakes you can make in a Press Release for your project or Social Business. Too may CAPS, too short or too personal? The media professionals at The Guardian offer some advice.

The Guardianwriting a good press release web pages hereinternetIconMini


For the more commercially minded HubSpot, bringing something of a USA focus , offer their take with  The Newsworthy Guide to Inbound Public Relations.

Although you will have to register on the HubSpot website, the download is free and they promise to give you insights in how to revive the Press release for the new media age.

HubSpot – get your free copy of The Newsworthy Guide here. internetIconMini

If you’re currently writing your press release, planning your campaign or just interested in reviving your project face to the world…help is here.

Ethical business with a social dimension...
Ethical business with a social dimension…