Is the economy broken?

Although it has been around for a month or two now, we thought it was worth revisiting the Transforming Finance film from the pages of The Finance Innovation Lab.

Even at the start of 2014 we are burdened by news of multi-million pound loss making institutions paying multi-million pound aggregate bonuses. The schism between the ‘real economy’ in communities and the netherworld of internal trades in the financial markets is well illustrated in the film below.

The core message of the film is a critique of the current banking environment. Interestingly the voices heard and the opinions expressed are voiced by significant players in the finance innovation sector – what is not heard is the voice of disorganised fiscal radicalism, rather a careful, reflective and pointed analysis of the current financial situation.

The unstated, yet telling counterpoint, to the argument expressed is a positive acclamation of the Social Finance sector. The notion of financial institutions trading with each other, the making of money out of money, seriously impedes the fiscal health of communities and small business.

The delivery of innovation, profit and community welfare in the broadest economic sense is not impossible. We heard about it in this film.

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Ethical business with a social dimension...
Ethical business with a social dimension…