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We are always happy to visit people across our six counties area, but sometimes a quick call is all that’s needed.

Get information, test a theory, explore all the acronyms or to understand more fully what SocEntEastMids is all about.

We recognise this. So below is a booking form for a Skype conversation with us.

Send our office an introduction and an idea of how we might help – we’ll do all we can to call you on the date and time specified.

Please confirm if you wish to have a video call too.

We recognise that you may also want your ‘visual privacy’ too.

Use the form below to book your call, and we will confirm by email return. We will make every effort to contact you as requested. (If we are away we will email and re-appoint by agreement with you).

Call us today if we are connected, or book mark our page for a later date.

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