Nottingham Social Impact Fund

‘For people who want to make a profit and a difference’

Visit The Key Fund on-line here...The Nottingham Social Impact Fund is a £1 million loan fund, supported by Nottingham City Council and The Key Fund, which looks to support the development of new and existing social businesses, jobs and growth.

The fund is managed by SEEM (Supporting Social Business) based in Nottingham.

Loans from £5,000 to £150,000 are available

Is the Nottingham Social Impact Fund for me?

Visit Nottingham City Council on-line here...If you’re looking for money to start or grow a social business in Nottingham then the answer is probably yes. We’re keen to invest in people and businesses who want to make a profit and a difference in the city. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand and struggling to find investment, then we can help by financing:

  • Cash flow and working capital to help manage the time differences between spending and receiving money;
  • Development capital to help your social business grow or replicate; and,
  • Capital expenditure on assets including the purchase and renovation of buildings or equipment.

What is a social business?

Making a profit is crucial to the survival of any business; but in a socially focussed business profitability shouldn’t be at the expense of people or the planet. Nowadays, progressive and forward thinking entrepreneurs are embedding socially focused cultures into their business and helping to make a difference in their communities. More and more customers are questioning the values and ethics of the businesses they buy from.

We believe that making a profit and a difference in people’s lives is not only ‘business for good’ but ‘good for business’.

That’s what we call social business; and were not just talking about a little bit of ‘corporate social responsibility’ thrown in as an afterthought. We mean businesses where social impact is fundamental to the strategy and the way in which they operate.

If that sounds like you…then read on.

What sort of social impact do you mean?

We don’t want to be prescriptive about what social impact is, in fact, we want to encourage entrepreneurs to devise new and innovative ways in which they can ‘make a difference’. Convince us that your business really does have a social heart by telling us what you intend to do and how you’ll do it and we’ll even help you to communicate the results to your customers, staff and stakeholders using our free on-line Impact Measurement Tool (LIM).

Isn’t this just for charities and social enterprises?

No. Provided that you are or intend to be incorporated we’re not concerned about the nature of your legal form. This fund is available to all types of organisations regardless of their legal identity provided you have the means to repay the loan and the desire to make a difference.

What’s the deal?

The deal displayed…


How do I apply?

For further details on eligibility and how to apply contact;

Roger H Moors, CEO

SEEM (Supporting Social Business), Castle Cavendish Business Centre, Dorking Road, Radford, Nottingham, NG7 5PN


telephoneIconMiniM:  07525 033811

telephoneIconMiniT:    0115 900 3299

The Nottingham Social Impact Fund forms part of the Nottingham Growth Plan, a suite of initiatives designed to help businesses access funding, workforce development and growth opportunities. For more information on this, please visit

Ethical business with a social dimension...
Ethical business with a social dimension…